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A Question Of Faith
by ~My-Lucid-Dream
The werewolf lay still in darkness, hidden from the wind that whipped past the cleft in the rocks where he sheltered, seeking respite from the elements. He was wounded from a fall he had suffered earlier in the night, one of his frequent seizures sending him into throes of agony and tumbling down the side of a steep ravine. It was at the base of this gorge that he lay now, his tongue flagging from his mouth, his chest heaving with the effort of drawing breath. Soon sleep would take him so that his body may work at healing itself but there would be little comfort in that. As bad as his seizures were, the horrors that waited for him inside his head were what disturbed him most.
His dark eyes stared out through the gap in the stones ahead of him, snatching glimpses of the starry sky between black wisps of cloud. Beneath those same constellations his pack were probably resting, somewhere far from where he lay, somewhere safe and dry and warm. The werewolf felt his
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Mature content
ToL 2-Karma :iconeverything-werewolf:Everything-Werewolf 0 0
Hunting License
Lycanthropes aren't the bad guys. They can't help what they are, and most of them are just men and women, trying to make a full house with a bad hand of cards. At least that's what my father told me. I wish I could believe him, and for a few years of my life, I actually did. But these days, all that's changed. Now I know they are just as evil as can be.
My father was a doctor up at the Minnesota Institute for about ten years. The institute is a center for the research and development of cures for diseases such as Cancer, AIDS, and even Lycanthropy.
Lycanthropy isn't a modern disease by any means. There have been recorded cases since the middle ages and beyond. Of course, the treatment has changed somewhat since those days. In this more compassionate age, people like my father try to find cures for the shifter sickness as it's sometimes known. There are thousands of people in this world who become shifters through bad blood transfusions. They never asked to be shape shifters, and m
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MoF-Chapter 2 Part 1
Chapter 2
I woke up in my bed with the curtains hiding the sun which I rejoiced at. Opening my eyes a bit killed me, the sky light was open and the light it let in was sharp and painful. I rolled over and buried my head in my pillows. Slowly I became aware that I was bleeding on the bed and I wasn’t covered. I must have just got in and dropped off on the bed.
For the moment I didn’t care that I was staining the sheets and that I’d have to get them burned. I didn’t want to move a muscle but as a pain constricted the muscles in my abdomen I slowly pushed myself up. All of my muscles burned from having to get crammed back into a human body but in a way I was used to it. Besides in roughly two weeks I’d have to do it again, it was routine.
I let my wild hair fall over my face to block out some of the sun, picking up the remote that went to almost everything that used technology; I pressed the butt
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Mature content
Shady Dealings :iconeverything-werewolf:Everything-Werewolf 0 0
Wild Side by Everything-Werewolf
Mature content
Wild Side :iconeverything-werewolf:Everything-Werewolf 0 0
Secrets By Moonlight
The moon shone on her dancing in such a way, I found myself reliving the night we met. She was a literature major at the college I attended and I was nothing more than an admirer under the guise of a music student. Or, that's what I became the first moment I saw her blonde hair bounce on her shoulders and that playful, blue-eyed gaze intersect with mine. Something inside of me stirred that could have been explained as mere appreciation of her stunning body if she and I were the same kind of being. But we weren't and Phoebe didn't realize that yet.
I knew I had to tell her. I had to tell her soon.
Phoebe said I looked different than the other guys. I couldn't tell the difference because other men in their mid-twenties seemed to look the same as I did. My auburn hair and my brown eyes didn't scream of anything unusual. I appeared to be human enough that nobody noticed the moments when a bit of yellow crept into my irises and I reserved my otherworldly moments for the privacy of my apartm
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ToL-Claws of Revenge
Tales Of Lycanthropy, Episode 1: Claws of Revenge
(Oh-oh, here she comes) Watch out boy she'll chew you up
(Oh-oh, here she comes) She's a maneater
-"Maneater" Hall and Oates
I made sure I looked my best that night.  I’m not one of those girls who fuss around with lipstick, blush, and mascara but tonight was an exception.  Hell I even put on a lavender scented perfume, a definite no-no for me.  My black skirt was the shortest one I had lying around in my closet while my one size too tight pink tank top easily showed my cleavage.  I wore a sweater that was a darker shade of pink in order to look more presentable and so that my parents will let me go without forcing me to change my outfit.  I knew people would mumble words such as “slut” and “whore” once I walk out of my small, suburban house, but isn’t that what guys really go after.  I’ve seen men ogle over women like Paris Hilton and Tara Re
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Mature content
The Big, Bad Wolf :iconeverything-werewolf:Everything-Werewolf 4 0
Tracks in the Snow - Chapter 1
Get a grip on yourself, Bree! I told myself, shaking my head softly. It isn’t a bloody monster!
Even so, when I first spotted it, I had taken a step back and gasped in horror. I rarely saw wolves when I was walking in the woods, but then again, I usually avoided wandering in the middle of the night.
For some reason, this wolf didn’t scare me, even though it was larger than the common wolf. It looked similar to Bear, but its colouring was different and its tail was puffier. Rather than white and red, like my dog, or like regular gray wolves, this animal was a dusty blonde underneath, fading into a light brown, dark chocolate along its back, face and on its ears. I had never seen a wolf like this before, not on some television program, in zoos or in books, making me wonder if its specie was endangered or something.
Once my breathing was steady, I took a good look at the animal. It was gazing calmly at me, its eyes a pleasant greenish-hazel colour, blinking every so often. Its l
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Mature content
MoF-Ch.1 Part 2 :iconeverything-werewolf:Everything-Werewolf 0 0
Mature content
MoF-Ch.1 Part 1-The Half Moon :iconeverything-werewolf:Everything-Werewolf 0 0
The Last Bright Moon
I knew I should stay away.  
Should refrain from tempting
Fate one last time.
But I couldn’t.
Our laughs and loves
Still spun me round,
Despite their words of warning.
Yet, I knew better.
The bright bright moon
Hung fat and low that night,
And I could hear the screams.
I should have gone.
Instead, I ran faster
Than I’d ever run,
Racing to reach you in time.
They’d already set out.
In the torchlight,
They hunted you
As the animal you’d become.
They called you monster.
And I knew they were right-
Knew you’d killed,
And would kill again.
I didn’t care.
You were mine,
And we would be together
Even in hell if need be.
You caught me then.
In the flashes of teeth
And claws that ripped into me,
I saw our ending.
You bit deep.
I thought I’d die, then,
But you turned away;
Left me bleeding in the shadows.
I watched them attack.
They’d followed my voice
To this deadly clearing;
Perhaps, I’d been their bait all along.
So, you died.
They took y
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As the moon peaks over the highest mountain afar
Its captivating silver light shines on my pale skin
I can feel its pull and hear its call
Allowing me to stand among the wild souls of the forest
Staring up towards the beautiful bright orb
My heart races and goose bumps form on my body
I feel strange, excited, and more alive
Without warning, my inner soul begins to emerge
Escaping this dry, pale cage that I call my human body
My bones stretch and reform under the light of the moon
Making my limbs more powerful and stronger than before
Nails lengthen and become claws, teeth grow and become fangs
A never-ending field of fur grows, covering my exposed and bare skin
I can hear clearly, see clearly, and smell clearly
A glorious howl escapes my throat and soars towards the moon above
With joy in my steps, I run through the untamable forest
The rugged ground feels good under my padded paws
While the cool breeze flows through my wild, untamed fur
Various sweet smelling scents fill this feral so
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Tracks In The Snow
Tracks in the SnowPrologue
I wasn’t sure how it happened then, and even now I’m not entirely convinced I know what went on that night. All I know was that the day had started out completely ordinarily from the instant I had woken up, but from the moment that I set eyes upon the creature, my life had been altered forever. I had stumbled into a rabbit hole and ended up in a hybrid of the world I grew up in, the world life exists in, to chase after the creature that had led my unsuspecting soul into a universe of shrouded mystique.
And I still didn’t know if I wanted to leave the rabbit hole or not.
My name is Cambree van Tassel, but people call me Bree for short. I live in British Columbia, in Canada, with my dog, a Siberian husky-wolf cross, whose name is Bear. We live in a small house in the middle of nowhere one hour outside Dease Lake, making us practically in the Yukon. I’ve been called a hermit, but my reason for living so far away from everyone else is my fasci
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Red and Wolf

Her real name was Rebecca but everyone called her Red. Of course, she hadn’t quite figured out why, but what 8- year old understood adult humor? She was a slight girl who often seemed far too delicate for her age. Her hair (the reality behind her nickname, had she but known it) was a long shimmering strawberry blonde that never seemed to match her unusual topaz eyes. More even than a pretty child, she was a bright and unusually thoughtful girl. Most of her time was spent making up games where everyone ends up happy-go-lucky winners or trying to come up with more ways to make her favorite people smile.
      This particular day involved one of those latter causes. For the first time in her short life, Red had been allowed to bake some chocolate chip cookies (just like her Nana’s) all by herself. Well… Mostly by herself- after all, hot cookie sheets can cause a small problem even if one is a particularly bright 8-
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We love the furry critters
United States
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The group lives again - Newsletter 11/24/2009

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 24, 2009, 2:32 PM
Greetings fellow packmates.

1: The Group Rises From The Dead
2: Joining Policy and Submissions Rules
3: Begathon
4: Our Pack Members List

1: The Group Rises From The Dead

Like the proverbial movie werewolf, a year ago we were riddled with silver bullets, and lay dead never to rise again. But today, the werewolves fingers begin to twitch, and a sinister laugh fills the night, followed by a savage howl.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Everything-Werewolf lives again. As Admin, I must apologize for allowing this group to die, but due to personal issues etc, I didn't have the time to keep it up. Now I am here to say WE ARE BACK!!!

Let's get this group back to where it should be.

2: Joining Policy and Submissions Rules

As we have been off the air for a while, please take the time to review our submissions policy, and joining rules, which are posted below for your convenience.

To Join the club, please follow these steps:

A: Send a note to the club entitled Joining Howl

B: Deviantwatch the club by clicking on the 'Watch this Deviant' option on the top right hand side of our homepage.

C: Copy our Icon :iconeverything-werewolf: and add it to your journal, or deviant friends section

D: Wait for a response from one of the clubs admins.

Note...Everyone who joined during our downtime. Please consider this your formal approval. If your icon is not contained in our members list below, please send us a note and we'll add it.

How to submit a Deviation

Members are permitted to submit 1 Literary Deviation and 1 Artistic Deviation per week.

To do this, send the club a note titled Lit Sub for a Literary piece, and Art Sub for an Artistic Piece.

You must include a link to the piece you are submitting in the note. If you don't know how to do this, it's simple. Open up the piece you want to submit in your own gallery, copy the web address at the top of the page, and paste it into the note to the club.

We will accept poems, stories, songs, paintings, craftwork, drawings, and all other kinds of work, but it must be your own work.

Stories or artwork set in the White Wolf universe must feature original characters.

Please include permission to display your work in the submission note you send the club. Any requests to display without appropriate permission from the artist or author will not be displayed.

3: Handouts Welcomed

If you would like to donate a subscription to this club, please feel free to do so. All donations are gratefully welcomed.


On behalf of The Admins @ Everything-Werewolf

Your club admins are :-
:iconwandering-lemming: Zack
:iconyukikousagi: Maria

Your Junior Admin is :-
:iconathena-kitty: Anna

4: Our Pack Members List


  • Listening to: David Gray-Wolf
  • Reading: How to groom your wolf
  • Watching: Dances with Wolves
  • Playing: With the puppies.
  • Eating: Freshly killed deer
  • Drinking: from the kitties bowl just to piss her off!


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swmmp Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2010
Thanks for the watch.
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:iconlazywolf: + :+devwatch: = :w00t:
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I remove that off my favoirites. For some reasons all ex-faves still sticks in my favourites. Can you help me?
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just letting you guys know of werewolf piece of mine :D

p.s. did you see the yetis in mummy 3? damn those look and act cool....
kypshas Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
this club is so cool :D as soon as I get back from Finland, I'll translate some of my pieces or draw something on the way to Finns :) I'm so joining this pack :matteo:

see ya when i get back :sprint:
Everything-Werewolf Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2008
Well...I would have prefered it if you'd followed the joining protocol, but seeing as how you called us cool....I'll add you anyway.


kypshas Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
oh, i would have followed the protocol, just as soon as i get back. be back in ten days.
Sabertooth1980 Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
Hey, we've grown a bit more. Um question, would it be alright for me to post the story that I have been doing up in glyphs here? It does deal with Werewolf, and Adam's character Talking Crazy.
Everything-Werewolf Featured By Owner May 22, 2008
As long as you make mention in the comments that TC is Adams character, it should be fine. Submit it, and we'll read it over. If there are issues, we'll let you know.
Sabertooth1980 Featured By Owner May 22, 2008
That's the thing. It's in Glyphs.
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